Electrical Digital Watch

Hamilton Electric

Hamilton electric was the first electric watch and unlike the Quartz and the Bulova Accutron, this was the first movement to use a battery which was a source to oscillate the balance wheel.

Hamilton in the start released two models of the Electric. On January 3, 1957, the first was the Hamilton 500, which was produced in 1959. The Hamilton 505 was an improvement and it was more reliable.

Digital Pocket watches

The trend of the people totally changed in the 17th century and men began to wear their watches in their pockets instead of as pendants. The styles changed when Charles 2 of England introduced waistcoats.

The trend of keeping the watches in the pockets was also very useful because it kept secure the watches from all kinds of harm and so this technique proved very beneficial for the watches.

To fit the watches in the pocket, the shapes of the watches evolved into the shape of a typical pocket watch and these watches were also free from sharp edges. At the beginning of 1610, glass was not only used to cover the face of watch but it also protected the watch from cracking.

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