Classic Digital Watch

TI Star Wars Watch (1977)

In 1976, (TI) as well as Texas-Instruments revolutionized the Digital wristwatch industry by launching the first under-$20LED watch. (TI) produced a licensed LED watch and these watches tied in with the release of Star Wars for only $16.95 in 1977 but the price of such the watches kept dropping.

Industry price cutting had driven most of the high-end digital watch manufacturers out of these businesses, by the end of the decade. TI in those days suffered from its own success. In those days, the dropping profit margins forced the Company to exit the business of watches by 1980 and then the business of digital watches had become less expensive commodity items’ business.

Casio Game-10 (1980)

Plastic case LCD watches, in around 1980, dropped in price dramatically. So the manufacturers of that time found that they had to keep adding functionality in order to justify a profitable price point.

It was really very amazing that the first game watches emerged around 1980. The Game-10 in 1980 was played a 3line interpretation of the space invader. Besides, it also told the time.

Casio C-80 Calculator Watch (1980)

While the very first calculator digital watches Casio landed in the mid of 1970s that we have already seen. In the 1980s, Casio popularized its gadgets.

The calculator watches of Casio were having the best features and it was designed very beautifully. These watches were really very notable because these watches had buttons big enough for the fingers. These buttons could be easily pushed without a stylus.

These watches became the ultimate nerd accessory very soon and are yet to be equaled.

Seiko TV Watch (1982)

The Seiko TV watch was really very advanced in those days. In 1982, it allowed the owners to watch live broadcast TV. Into the watch face, a tiny blue/gray LCD screen was embedded. In those days, there were two types of watches. One was Ordinary while the other was known as Fancy watch.

Both of these types were different because of their functionalities. The tuning electronics were housed in an external box in most of the watches that hooked to the top of the watch. But in the case of the fancy watch, the timepieces were served as fully functional and albeit primitive, (LCD) motion capable was dependent on its own.

Since the first appearance of the electronic digital watch, this has been achieved only one decade.

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