Digital Watch since 1972 to 1976

Mechanical Digital Watches

In the 1970s, digital watches and digital analog watches first appeared. At that time, these watches were less costly. In the 1920s, the earlier watches used mechanical processes. Such the watches displayed the time in discrete digits on the face of the watch.

Limited Edition, Hamilton Pulsar (1972)

Hamilton Pulsar, the very first electronic digital watch launches in April 1972. In 1972, the price of these watches was about $2,100. It used (LED) as well as Light Emitting Diode display a synthetic ruby crystal.

The display of these watches produced by a complex 25-chip circuit and it was so power hungry. It lit up only when the user pushed the button that was on the front of the unit, and it lit up only temporarily. Just one year later, a similar model was featured in the James Bond movie Live and Let Die.

Seiko 06LC (1973)

The very first (LCD) watch, as well as the First liquid crystal watch, was introduced in 1972. These LCD watches used a different type of LCD technology. These watches were power hungry and were also unstable. Very soon the market moved on to TN Field Effect displays.

Seiko 06LC was one of the newer display models. The design of these watches took a familiar form for an LCD watch that would be seen thousands of times over the next four to five decades.

Hamilton Pulsar Calculator Watch (1976)

Only 3years after the birth of the LED wristwatch, most of the manufacturers showed off prototypes for models containing that was a fully functional calculator. In 1976, the Hamilton Pulsar calculator watch was the first to reach the market.

The buttons of these watches were so small that the user could only press these buttons by using an included stylus. One year later, the Hewlett-Packard HP-01, was another prominent calculator watch.

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