Digital Watch Series

Seiko-E-Ink Watch (2010)

In 2005, the world very first watch was introduced by Seiko which used an e-ink display. After passing 5years, it also introduced such the wristwatch with an active matrix e-ink display, which not only allowed for greater clarity but also allowed four shades of gray.

At the end of the year, it launched in Japan and it was a handful for the manufacturers followed suit with their e-ink watches.

Apple Watch Series 1(2015)

In 2015, many people feared that digital wristwatches had become mostly obsolete. The actual fact was that many people were checking the time on their mobile phones. However, non-digital wristwatches remained an iconic fashion.

After this, Apple watches came. Apple watches merged functions and the fashions into a smartwatch. These watches were having a vivid OLED screen that linked to iPhone call information.

It was also having advanced abilities such as it could send messages, take health statistics and more. Since then, many of the times, Apple has updated its smartwatch and many Companies followed it. It seemed that this advanced wristwatch has found a new lease on life.

It is the clear or a vivid thing that the wristwatch service is the matter of consumer’s choice so the wristwatch is definitely based on the costumer’s choice.

Electronic Digital Wrist Watches

Hamilton, in 1972, introduced the first commercial electronic digital watch of the world. At that time, its price was about $2,100, which amount is more than $12,000 today.

At the end of the 1970s, such digital watches were regularly retailed for under $10 per piece. At the start of the 1980s, these electronic digital watches were sold at a cheap rate but today, they have been replaced by the smartphone.

The electronic watches have been having not only dramatic evolutionary changes but also a number of offshoot permutations that have almost every feature and type of functionality that you could imagine squeezing into a digital wristwatch.

However, the most dramatic changes were the prices. At the start, these watches were less costly but now a day; such watches are more costly as compare to the digital watches in 19s.

Now, these watches are having the latest and advanced technologies so these wrist watches are having high prices.

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