Beautiful Smart Watch


A wireless digital device that is worn on the wrist is known as a smartwatch. A smartwatch may have the capability of a cellphone, music player or personal digital assistant.

In the early period of 2010, digital watches for boys and some smartwatches were having the general capabilities of a smartphone or having a processor with a mobile operating system which was having the capability of running a variety of mobile apps.

The very first smartwatch was the Linux watch that developed in 1998. This watch was developed by Steve Mann which he presented later in 7Februray, 2000.  A wristwatch that Seiko launched was Ruputer. This wrist watch had a 3.6MHz processor.

Samsung launched the world first and advanced watch phone in 1999. At that time it was known as SPH-WP10. Such the watch was having lots of features just like a speaker and mic.  Monochrome LCD screen.

Such the advanced featured watch was having another advanced feature of 90 minutes of talk time. Another advanced watch was Linux that was made by IBM. The very first version had a 6hours battery life and the more advanced version got extended to 12 hours.

The device got excellent advancement when IBM added an accelerometer that was having a vibrating mechanism and fingerprint sensor features. It also displayed software, Bluetooth, 8MB RAM and 16MB of flash memory. The price of this latest watch was about $399 and the experts especially targeted this device for students and businessmen.

In the early days of 2004, Microsoft Company released the SPOT smartwatch. The Company especially demonstrated it working with coffee makers, weather stations and a clock by having SPOT tech.

The most one of the most advanced features of the smartphone was the information about weather, news, stocks and also sports scores through FM waves.

You only had to buy a subscription that was having the cost of about $39 to $59.

Sony Ericsson launched a wearable watch device which was an external BT display for an Android Smartphone. Between April 12 and May 18, Pebble, an innovative smartwatch that raised most of the money on Kickstarter that reached about to 10.3million.

This special watch had a 32mm 144×168 pixel black and white memory LCD that was manufactured by Sharp with a backlight. This watch also had a vibrating motor and a magnetometer.

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