Development in Apple Watch

A Brief History of Apple Watch:

CEO Tim Cook presented Apple Watch in conjunction with iPhone 6. It was originally marketed as a fashion accessory that only focused on the varying band and body styles.

Officially, it released in April 2015, with the specific focus shifting to the fitness-oriented features. The features of the watch included Internet connectivity, text messaging, fitness tracking and voice control.

The standard features not only in today’s smartphone but it is also accessible on your wrist as well. According to CSS Insight, as a result, such the wearable technology is expected to be worth $25 billion by the year 2019.

In the space, the Fitness tracker may be the most popular device but the most valuable segment is only smartwatches (60percent of the market value).

Today, if we just see the brief history of the market then we look back at Apple watch and this is only because of the development of Apple watch that led it to the greatest success.

September 2016: Faster, Brightest and More Capabilities:

The next generation of Apple’s wearable wristwatch was the same as iPhone7 and iPhone 7 Plus.

Apple Watch series 2 had the same look and it also felt to be original, but the improvements included a GPS, the brightest display and the powerful dual-core processor. It was the commitment of Apple to improve the health and fitness of its users.

The most notable point was that the users of digital watches waterproof could take it with them while swimming in the pool.

Apple watches 2 could easily count laps and detect stroke type. It could also track the average lap pace. It is more than enough that what a wearable watch was expecting at the time.

September 2017: Leave Your Phone Behind:

Apple took a solid step and it announced Apple Watch series 3 and on the same day, it unveiled not only iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 plus but also iPhone X. It allows you the freedom to take a call, stream music and interact with more and more without the need to have a Smartphone nearby.

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