Modern Digital Watch

Timex Data Link 150 (1994)   

In the 1980s, watches with built-in database functionality first appeared on the market but these watches were not very useful if they were not able to transfer the data like a computer.

If they had not this functionality then it would definitely lose their data if their batteries died. With Datalink 150, Timex solved this problem in an appropriate way.

Data link 150, allowed the users of these watches to transfer information from their PC to the watch through an optical sensor that was placed on the watch face.

To transfer the data to the watch, the users of these watches simply held the watch to a PC monitor and very special software on the PC made the monitor flash in a specific pattern that the watch could easily read. By adopting such a method, the data could be easily transferred.

Casio Wrist Camera (2002)

The very first Camera with an integrated digital camera was Casio Wrist Camera. In grayscale, it was having the ability to capture 120-by-120 pixels photos. The fact that Casio watches crammed was a working camera into a watch that turned many heads.

While the emergence of many types of camera watch seemed inevitable since the time period of Dicky Tracy. No doubt, Camera wristwatches were very advanced but these watches have not proved popular in the market of the wristwatch.

Dog Watch

A dog watch is also known as a ‘’Digital Watchdog’’. It is a work shift that is half the length of a standard watch period.

This Watch is typically formed by splitting a four-hour watch period that is between 16:00 and 20:00 as well as (4pm and 8pm) to form 2 two-hour dog watches, with the first dog watch that is from 16:00 to 18:00 as well as (4pm to 6pm) and the second dog-watch that is from 18:00 to 20:00 as well as from (6pm to 8pm).

There was a very solid reason behind the watch existence. It became very essential to split one of the watches in order to create an odd number of watches on a ship’s day.

This allowed the sellers or the manufacturers to stand different types of watches instead of one that forced to stand the mid watch every night.

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