Digital Watch Classical Series

Coin Watch

A coin watch is such a watch which is inserted into a coin or medal. A coin watch is specially made by slicing a coin into two disks. One slice of the coin is thinner than the other.

After slicing the coin into two slices, then the watch is embedded into the thicker part and then the two faces of the coin joined by a concealed hinge and catch. When it is closed then the watch is hidden and the presence of the coin looks like any other.

Seiko RC Series

The first Seiko model RC-1000 wrist terminal to interface with a computer was released in 1984.

Such the watch was powered by a computer on a chip and it was developed by Seiko Epson. It was also compatible with most of the very popular portable computers of that time.

The RC-20 wrist computer was released for public in 1985, under the joint brand named ‘Seiko Epson’. Seiko Epson had an SMC84C00-bit Z-80 with a Microprocessor of 8KB of ROM and 2KB of RAM. It had also the applications for scheduling, memos and an app by having a four-function app.

Pixels and most importantly were touch-sensitive. It could be easily connected with a personal computer like the RC-1000 but only in the case through a proprietary cable. It’s had a small display and limited storage and so that it was notable in that it could be programmed.

In 1985, the RC-4000 PC data graph also released and it was the world’s smallest computer terminal. It was having 2KB of storage. In the same year of 1985, the RC-4500 was also having the same features as the RC-4000 had but it came in a variety of bright and flashy colors.

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